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Artisan Gourmet Market and Coffee / Wine Bar(828)357-5500
Berliner Kindl German Restaurant & Deli(828)669-5255
Black Mountain Ale House(828)669-9090
Black Mountain Bakery828-669-1626
Black Mountain Bistro828-669-5041
Blue Ridge Biscuit Company(828)357-8501
Coach House Seafood(828) 669-4223
Dobra Tea(828)357-8530
Dynamite Roasting Co.(828)357-8555
Fresh Wood Fired Pizza & Pasta(828)669-6999
Gateway Eatery(828)357-5460
hey hey cupcake!828-669-2253
Kilwin's Chocolates,Fudge & Ice Cream(828)669-6119
La Guinquette(828)357-5636
Louise's Kitchen(828)357-5446
McDonald's Best Operations,Inc/ Black Mountain Restaurant(828) 669-5062
My Father's Pizza(828)669-4944
Okie Dokies Smokehouse(828)686-0050
Ole's Guacamoles Mexican Kitchen(828)669-0550
Pepperonis Gormet Pizza(828)357-5550
Phil's Bar-B-Que Pit(828)669-3606
Pizza Hut(828)669-9455
Que Sera(828)664-9472
Red Radish to Go(828)669-5100
Red Rocker Inn & Restaurant(828)669-5991
Tayloe Oyster Bar(828)664-9472
The Black Bear Tavern(828)357-8470
The Huckleberry(828)419-2129
The Monte Vista Hotel- Palate Restaurant & Fitz's Taproom(828)669-8870
Trailhead Restaurant and Bar(828)357-5656
Veranda Cafe & Gifts(828) 669-8864